The 4 Places To List Your Live Shows

There are four places all your concerts need to be listed online. Every time you announce a new show or tour, be sure to update on each of these to ensure fans in those cities don’t miss out.


Songkick has created a really quick way to transmit your tour dates to your artist profile on Spotify, Soundcloud, HypeMachine, BandCamp, and Google search results whenever you announce a concert.

Spotify now uses Songkick's listings in weekly emails targeted to your followers. Hooray for free promotion!


Bandsintown is a mobile app and webpage widget that allows you to geo-target your fans with direct messages and announcements about shows in their city. I love this one because anyone that streams your music or follows your social media will automatically follow you on Bandsintown when they download the app.

You can also schedule periodic announcements to broadcast to your Twitter and Facebook pages.

Facebook Events

This next one may seem like a no brainer, but I find myself tearing my hair out when bands (and venues) don't list their concerts on Facebook Events. It's the #1 place many people look for your concert activity.

Facebook used to require you to be a host on the event to have it listed on your page and run ads. Now, you can simply click on the horizontal ellipses button […] and add it to your artist page.

Facebook also now has a separate "Events" app which you can download here.

Google Search events

Google Search now shows events when users type in a related query, like “jazz concerts in Austin” or “art events this weekend.” They pull in data from Eventbrite, Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, Meetup, Vividseats, Jambase, LiveNation, Burbio,,, StubHub, Bandsintown, Yext and Eventful.

You can now claim your Google Knowledge Panel and post your own events manually.

BONUS: Pandora amp messaging

Pandora now lets you geo-target your listeners with a 15-second audio message to promote tour dates or any new release. You can even include the ticket link and sell directly on the Pandora app.

This process isn't comprehensive by any means. You should still be contacting local press, creating fliers and posters, and promoting your shows by word of mouth. That being said, this is a good habit to get into when announcing and marketing your live shows.