Creating GIF Stickers for Instagram Stories - The Guidebook

In January, Instagram added GIF stickers to Instagram Stories. Technically just miniature GIFs, stickers are expressive ways to animate parts of your Stories for added effect.

Twinsmith Quivering GIF
Campdogzz Handwritten logo GIF

Boasting 400 million daily users, Instagram Stories is a platform you can’t ignore, especially if you’re an artist or record label.

I recently started creating GIF stickers for my own clients and realized what a unique and rewarding branding opportunity it has been. Since I know we’re not the only ones

  1. Create your GIF in After Effects, Photoshop, or similar programs. It can be anything from an animated artist logo, to a spinning vinyl, or something more abstract.

  2. Render with a transparent background. If you’re using After Effects, select the “RGB + Alpha” channel when rendering. It must have a transparent background to be identified as a sticker.

  3. Create a free branded account on GIPHY. GIPHY is the provider of GIF stickers to Instagram, so you must be set up as a verified brand. Unfortunately, it took them about 6 weeks to process my account, but then we were up and running.

  4. Upload your GIFs on GIPHY. While uploading, switch the privacy to “Public” and include metadata tags that other people might search to use your stickers.

  5. Use Stickers on Instagram Stories. Allow a few days for Giphy’s API to update with the new GIFs, then go wild adding them to your stories. Once fans recognize your savviness, go collect some street cred and exchange it for free brand exposure. Voila!

**Over the course of 3 months, the stickers for my client 15 Passenger Records have now been viewed over 1.9 million times. Go get yours!