How to Reach Fans Without An Email List Using Bandsintown

Bandsintown Promoter is a new (to me) way of promoting tours or individual concerts via email marketing. If it doesn’t sound groundbreaking, here are two main reasons I chose to put $150 into a Bandsintown campaign instead of email:

  1. You don’t need an email list. As long as you have an artist profile on Bandsintown, you can target fans of your own page, support bands’ pages, and any related artist that you choose. The platform uses a proprietary algorithm to target the right fans for your campaign.

  2. Easier and more intuitive geo-targeting. Gone are the days of collecting zip codes at the show! Bandsintown lets you target as broadly as country, or as specifically as miles within a city or zip code.

With my first campaign - for an individual concert in a large venue in Chicago - we received a 22.37% Open Rate and 1.19% Click-Through Rate. We were happy with the reach and open rate - almost identical to a typical MailChimp campaign - but learned we need a stronger incentive to click the ticket link.

If you’re sick of building email campaigns and the same old Facebook ads, I’d suggest giving Bandsintown Promoter a try, and please tell me how the hell to get people to click on things.

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