Getting Exposure With In-Store Radio

I truly believe in-store radio is a big aspect of music discovery. The marriage of curated brand soundtracks and the accessibility of discovery apps like Shazam and SoundHound means indie bands like ours can be discovered by over 500,000 clients worldwide.

Through our recent partnerships with Mood Media (Muzak), Soundtrack Your Brand (Spotify Business), and PlayNetwork, we are confident in exposing both new music and videos to retail stores and restaurants across the country. Not only are these opportunities for exposure, but the payments generate royalties to get our songwriters paid!

UPDATE (2/8/16): Since Oketo's inclusion on Starbucks' Coffeehouse playlist, we have generated thousands of new listeners nationwide via their in-store radio and Spotify playlist.

Although Shazam insights are not yet accessible, you can use Shazam Connect to follow up with your followers and announce new tour dates or a new single.